November 30, 2021

November 22, 2021

November 13, 2021

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    A Secret History Of Monopoly

    “There was a serendipitous overlap between my Twitter feed and this newsletter earlier this week: as I was posting the first part of my exchange with Chris Dixon…”

November 9, 2021

November 7, 2021

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    The End of Infant Adoption

    “Ever since I entered what can generously be called my “mid-30s,” doctors have asked about my pregnancy plans at every appointment. Because I’m career-minded and…”

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    How to lie with statistics

    “Getty Images Last week the Salt Lake County Department of Public Health posted a lighthearted graphic on Twitter, purporting to show Covid vaccination rates by…”

November 5, 2021

November 3, 2021

October 30, 2021

October 18, 2021

October 15, 2021

October 5, 2021

October 4, 2021

October 3, 2021

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    How Humans Lost Their Tails

    “Matter A new study suggests that a single genetic mutation helps explain why monkeys have tails, while apes and people do not. A team of scientists say they…”