Why Are You Searching For “Live 8 Marketing” and “Yaris”?

We finally got around to tagging One Degree for Measure Map this weekend.

For those of you not in the loop, Measure Map is a new blog analytics tool from the wonderful folks at Adaptive Path. The stats feel very relevant, the interface is pretty and generally intuitive, but the functionality is still only half there (given that we’re part of the alpha test I’m assuming there is lots more to come). Measure Map shows that the recent tide of search visitors coming to One Degree after searching GYM (Google Yahoo MSN) for information on Yaris and Live 8 continues unabated.

Here are our top ten search terms this weekend:

  1. yaris.ca
  2. uncle yaris
  3. live 8 marketing
  4. The Marketing of Live 8
  5. marketing of live 8
  6. onedegree
  7. e learning jobs toronto
  8. toronto porn
  9. clever headlines
  10. flash shopping cart

So, searchers — you got here because you searched on Live 8 Marketing or Yaris or something like that — what were you looking for? Idle curiosity? School project? Something in the news? Something on TV? I don’t get why all of the sudden we have hundreds of people visiting the site to find out about the marketing of a music event that happened months ago (or a new car from Toyota). Why are you here?

(Oh and while we don’t have any “Toronto Porn” we do have “Toronto’s Porn Alley” for your viewing pleasure.)

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on November 21, 2005.