What If Your Fans Create Faux Blogs?

One of the biggest no-nos of corporate blogging is creating a “fake blog”, or “faux blog” or “character blog” (all the same thing really). Blogs are supposed to present the authentic voices of real people. And since made up characters or “amalgams” can’t, by definition be “real”, they are generally (and justly) considered the ultimate sign that “you just don’t get it” when it comes to the blogosphere. So what happens when someone else creates a character blog that people might think is your doing? This is not a theoretical question as we’re dealing with this right now at “Tucows”.

We’ve just started a “little viral campaign” around the “much-loved” Tucows’ “Squishy Cow” But an interesting thing happened. “Joey” our Technical Evangelist gave a squishy to someone last week and “he” went crazy for it. He named it Shoshanna. He said he was going to make a blog for Shoshanna. “And he did”.

Now you must understand, I’m completely lovin’ this. I’m hoping Amazing Shoshanna’s blog has a long and happy life. But if anyone thinks that Tucows was behind this I’m screwed. Asking Shoshanna’s owner to take it down just seems wrong in so many ways. He likes our cows, he should be able to do “what he wants with it.” It’s all good right? Well, not if the blogosphere starts thinking Tucows put him up to it. So let me now say, officially and publicly that — other than giving him the squishy — Tucows has nothing to do with Shoshanna and her blog. But we do wish her well in her travels.

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on August 14, 2006.