Update on td.com

Back in January, I pointed out that “some people think td.com is always offline”.

For some odd reason TD had overlooked the need to redirect td.com to the official www.td.com and an error message ensued if you didn’t bother with the www.

About a month later I met one of the top guys at TD.com at an industry event and he told me they were working on a fix after someone tipped them to the problem, after reading about it at One Degree. If you go to “td.com” today you’ll find that you’ll be automatically redirected to “www.td.com”.

I’m happy for TD and their customers but I’m a little sad because now I need to find another example of a big brand missing this basic best practice. Anyone else have a major site that doesn’t load without the dub-dub-dub?

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on May 16, 2006.