Toyota’s Quirky Uncle Yaris

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So “Toyota” has started a TV teaser campaign based around “Uncle Yaris”. The ads feature the “quirky” Uncle Yaris — who looks like he could be my nephew, are uncles really that young these days? — doing “quirky” stuff. Did I mention the ads are “quirky”?

The ads end with a full screenshot of the web address “”.

The ads of course tie into the Canadian launch of the new sub-compact “Yaris” that was “announced at the Frankfurt Auto Show” earlier this month. I can’t really say I understand this campaign. The site doesn’t do anything and doesn’t ask anything of me (no sign-up or send to a friend or find out what this is about or anything). I can Google Yaris and find out everything I need to about the car — so what exactly is the point of this campaign? Is it to get people like me to post things like this?

Originally published at on September 28, 2005.