Top 30 Albums of 2016

A bit of background from my 2013 preamble for those new to my lists:

I do this more for me — as a way of discovering new music — than for you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to get as much joy from these amazing artists as I did this year. My list-making secret is to start a “long list” of albums I like at the beginning of the year. I keep adding when something strikes my fancy and use the year-end holidays to figure out which ones really made the cut.

For those interested, my previous Top 30 Albums are still online:

And now, my Top 30 Albums of 2016! Enjoy!

Note these are in alphabetical order. I could never rank these absolutely — it would change daily.

I’d love to know what albums we have in common and which ones you think should have made my list but didn’t. Use the comments people, don’t be shy!