“Big Red Fez” Homework

The e-Book version of Seth Godin’s new book “The Big Red Fez” inclines me to give all imho* readers some homework:

1. Buy the Big Red Fez e-Book through Amazon.

You should do this for three reasons: a) to experience online shopping via Amazon.com — some of you STILL haven’t done this, b) to experience an e-Book (yes you can print it out, but use Adobe eReader to understand the e-Book concept), and c) it only costs US$2 (no shipping or customs to worry about).

2. Read the book:

The book provides a screen capture of something that either impressed or irritated Seth on one page, and his analysis on the opposite page. These real world examples are very powerful and many will leave you shaking your head at how any company could be so bone-headed.

3. Think about YOUR site:

Now turn this new found knowledge on your own site. I’m sure if you can look at YOUR site with the same critical and customer focussed eye that Seth would, you’ll find MANY things you could easily improve on your site.

4. Report back:

Tell me what you found wrong on your site, what you did to fix it, and what the results were.