Thought at 7:04pm September 8th, 2007

When I started I didn’t think that anyone would really read it, let alone want to comment on the details of my eating habits. Turns out though that folks are reading it and quite a few have commented on the fact that they want to comment. Unfortunately tumblr doesn’t allow for comments and I’m still not sure I want to move my health posts to this “official” blog.

Therefore I’m opening up a comment thread below for anyone who wants to comment on anything they read over at


Update 2007–12–26: I changed my blogging platform at the end of 2007 and unfortunately one of the things lost in the move were the 23 wonderful comments people had left on this post. Thanks for all the encouragement folks! You know who you are!

Thought at 6:51pm August 29th, 2007

I decided not to clutter up this (ahem) “official” Ken Schafer Blog with details of my progress on going from Fat F__k to Healthy Ken, but if you are interested in my plan and how I’m doing on it, you can find all the details at

Thought at 5:00pm March 31st, 2006

If you look to your right, and down the page a bit you’ll notice something called “sidebar”. That’s all the links I find around the web that I want to share with you. I’m doing this by posting a sub-feed from my account so that the whole thing is seemless seamless. Ooh, seemless seamless. Sweet.