September 20, 2003

  • Thought

    Words of Waldman: Hitler Scans Archive:

    “I’ve taken the scans down. But I think they need an official online home. Here’s the mail I sent to Isobel McKenzie Price…”

    Wired News: Old Hitler Article Stirs Debate:

    “A fawning 1938 article by Homes & Gardens magazine about Hitler’s Bavarian mountain retreat remains widely available on the Web, even after the discoverer and original poster of the article took it off his site when the magazine demanded its removal.”

September 12, 2003

  • At Home With Hitler

    Tom Coates has posted scans of an old British Home and Gardens magazine the includes a feature called “Hitler’s Mountain Home”.

    Because the article is written in gushing “better homes” language and is oblivious to the world war Herr Hitler will start less than a year after the article first appeared, it provides some unintendedly hilarious copy (if anything about Hitler can be called hilarious):

    “The Fuhrer is his own decorator, designer, and furnisher, as well as architect. He is constantly enlarging the place, building new guest annexes, and arranging in these his favourite antiques — chiefly German furniture of the eighteenth century, or which agents in Munich are on the look out.

    It is a mistake to suppose that week-end guest are all, or even mainly State officials…”

    (via Joi Ito)