Thought at 5:15pm September 28th, 2003

Jon Udell: Mechanical Memory:

“We all like to joke, nowadays, about how Google has become humanity’s collective memory, and we’re properly grateful not to have to remember a lot of things that we know we can just look up. We’ve gone through this before, of course. Pre-Gutenberg, we routinely memorized vast amounts of verse. Then we learned to offload chunks of memory to print. Now we’re learning to offload a whole lot more memory to the Net. I’m not saying I’d have it otherwise, but sometimes I wonder about the tradeoffs we’re making.”

Thought at 5:22pm September 24th, 2003

OceanStore Project:

“OceanStore is a global persistent data store designed to scale to billions of users. It provides a consistent, highly-available, and durable storage utility atop an infrastructure comprised of untrusted servers.”

There was a moderately interesting story on PlanetLab in MIT’s Technology Review that pointed me to this very interesting project. The goal of the project is to create “storage in the sky” — a service that would allow you to store/back-up all of your digital life onto a network of well-encrypted, loosely organized servers around the planet.

I’m going to watch this one.