Should Your Website Display the CMA Logo?

Traditionally many CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) members have included the CMA logo on their direct marketing materials. But companies have been slower to adopt the logo on their websites.

The association recently sent a Member Briefing explaining the “Look for the Logo” program and pointing members to the new logos.

CMA Members are encouraged to display the member logo on all their marketing communications, including their website, envelopes, flyers, inserts and in print and online advertisements. Program guidelines and materials, including a new interactive banner and button for member websites and e-marketing campaigns, can be downloaded from the CMA website.

Their request got me thinking — should members use the logo on their sites and if so where? I’d be interested in hearing feedback on this.

If you aren’t a CMA member company, why not? If you are a member, do you display the logo on your site? How did you decide on this strategy? Does your online use of the logo differ from your offline approach?

Originally published at on July 18, 2006.