Should Marketers Use Subscriber Auto-Reply Info?

Let me pose an interesting question to your our ever-faithful One Degree readers:

  • If someone on your permission-based e-mail marketing list configures their old e-mail address which is on your list to auto-reply with a message that includes a new e-mail address you wouldn’t otherwise know, can you as a marketer safely update your list with this information?
  • Would the subscriber expect you to?
  • Would you be on solid legal ground in terms of having permission to use this address?
  • What might you do to ensure that your subscriber is happy?
  • What have you, or would you, personally do in this situation?


By the way, this comes from a real situation a reader sent me. If you run into particularly sticky issues you are struggling with, let us know and we might put your question to the One Degree readership to see if they can help you out. (No promises though)

Originally published at on August 15, 2005.