Seth’s Blog: My note to Susan:

“You say to the prospect: I will work with you to build a four-page engine of revenue. The idea: the client loads it up with targeted traffic that he buys by regularly trying and testing adwords and other relevant, measurable media. Then, I will regularly, constantly tweak (or redesign) the four page site to turn those strangers into friends (and maybe, if your product is great and your followup is appropriate, you can turn those friends into customers).”

This is another great article by Seth. Read the whole thing.

If you (or someone you know) is doing what Seth is suggesting, let me know.

(I would however object to Seth’s “Further proof that the web is now officially a direct marketing business” comment. While this is true, it implies that the web is now officially NOT something else. The web is many things and can be bent and twisted to meet many needs. Direct marketing is just one aspect. Small point, but an important one — always ignore statements that say “the web is…”.)