Schafer Group Featured In Seth Godin’s BULLMARKET

Seth Godin has just released his latest eBook called “BULLMARKET 2004: Companies That Can Help You Make Things Happen”.

The book is a compendium of several hundred “Bulls” — companies that can help you make Purple Cows. I’m happy to report that Schafer Group is featured this year (yes, that’s us right there on page 292).

Here’s a bit of an overview from Seth’s introduction:

“But sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we’ve been working on something for so long we fail to see the potential for greatness. It’s easy to get worn down, to get fatigued after seeing yet another great project torn down. Over time, most organizations get boring. They forget how hard it was to get to where they got, and they become obsessed with eliminating risk.

That’s where Bull Market comes in.

Bull Market is filled with people who will shake things up. People who will help you see possibilities where none existed. Organizations that can turn your product and your service upside down.

It’s probably never occurred to you that you could build a giant steel facsimile of your product and put it in your parking lot, or launch a cellular phone version of it or plan a special event around it. That’s my point. If you want to grow, you need to be remarkable. You must create a Purple Cow and have people talk about you. Alas, we’ve been worn down and it’s easy to just give up and be boring.

That’s why my new mantra is simple: Make Something Happen. The only person who can actually do that is you, not a hired gun. But what the folks in this vast volume can do is open your eyes, clean the glass and make it clear that there are things worth doing. The best part is how cheap they are!

You’ve spent a fortune on infrastructure. You have factories and employees and lawyers and brands. Now, for just a few shekels more, you can turn that into something remarkable. Something worth talking about. Something worth doing.”

As a bonus the eBook also includes summaries of his two most recent books, Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside.

(Download BULLMARKET 2004)