QotD: Make This Viral More Viral

Here’s an interesting situation. Ideazon, who makes “gaming keyboards” (something I must plead ignorant to even knowing existed) has created a very sophisticated viral campaign called “Dominate” that, as I understand it, is not actually “going viral”. Or at least not to the level they’d like (or that the budget would require I’m guessing).

I think the campaign has many of the components needed to go viral with their hard-core gamer target market (95% of customers are male and 82% are over 25) but something seems to be missing in the strategy, execution or media. My guess is that there are a bunch of little things that all dampen the viral impact — probably enough to prevent it from becoming a true hit.

Rather than offer my $0.02 worth I thought I’d leave it as an exercise for you humble One Degree reader. Consider this a group assignment for this, the first full week of December.

  1. Go to Dominate and review the site. Warning: Some people will be offended by this. Guaranteed. If so, hit the back button quickly and accept this little unicorn chaser to cleanse your mind.
  2. Think about what great viral marketing campaigns have in common and see if anything is missing from Ideazon’s.
  3. Consider new ideas they might try to jumpstart things that you haven’t seen elsewhere.
  4. Report back to us in the comment area below. I look forward to grading your work. 🙂

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on December 3, 2006.