My Mother The Poet Goes Online

Over the holidays we got my mother online with an old desktop PC we had kicking around and broadband. She’s taken to it like a duck to water.

Ever since I was very young (and maybe before) my mother has always written poems about things that happen in her life. She just e-mailed me this:

Ready for a challenge? You bet!
I am going on the INTERNET,
flying into Cyberspace,
joining the computer race.

My kids, very generously,
provided the opportunity.
Installed by Ken, the computer pro,
here I am, ready to go.

So many questions I had to ask!
Am I really up to the task?

But Ken, with his expertise,
quickly put my doubts at ease.

Compose Email, click to “Send”
converse with family and friend.
For info, the website is a treasure,
finding answers a real pleasure.

Here I am now with my biggest toy,
having fun, so much joy.
I wonder, should it be told,
that I am 84 years old?

Ilse Schaefer

February 19, 2005