Looking Back At 2004

Last year I published some predictions for 2004 on my blog on on the AIMS discussion list.

Here’s a summary:

1. SEM rises to dominate online marketing.

2. Blogs become the best way to find out about most stuff.

3. Increased focus on meeting user needs instead of corporate goals.

4. A more pragmatic approach to e-mail.

5. RSS prepares to take centre stage in 2005.

6. Social Networks will have a make or break year in 2004.

I’m feeling pretty good about these predictions a year later. Most of this rings true to me, but I was assuming a “make” year for social networks when in hindsight I think it was more of a “break”.

What do you think the trends of 2005 will be? More of the same, or are we ready for some breakthroughs?

(I think the big trend I missed was that business was going to boom! At the end of 2003 things still seemed kind of gloomy, but 2004 turned out to be a stellar year for my business and hopefully for yours.)

In a few days I’ll provide my predictions for trends in 2005.