Kudos: United Way Toronto

Kudos to the United Way of Greater Toronto.

Originally the non-profit organization used the very short www.uwgt.org as their official web address. That address was used on all advertising online and offline. This year’s campaign uses www.unitedwaytoronto.com.

While “uwgt” is 12 characters shorter than the new address, the longer address is in fact much easier to remember.

UWGT stands for United Way Greater Toronto, but how many of us would know or remember that? In this case, the longer URL means more typing, but a better chance of being remembered. And people tend to default to “.com”, so replacing the “.org” was also smart. Well done.

Wisely, the webmaster has retained the old URL and pointed it to the new site.

Unfortunately they forgot to redirect unitedwaytoronto.com to www.unitedwaytoronto.com, so visitors omitting the “dub-dub-dub” will be left thinking the site is down.