Introducing… GooglePhraseRanking

Mark Hurst at GoodExperience invented the term “Googlephrasing”. I’d like to build on that and introduce “GooglePhraseRanking”.

GooglePhraseRanking provides a list of connected Googlephrases whereby deeper meaning can be inferred from the relationship of the Googlephrases than from any of the individual Googlephrases.

Here is the first GooglePhraseRanking ever (for the term “wife and x girls”):

“wife and two girls” (712)

“wife and three girls” (231)

“wife and four girls” (10)

“wife and five girls” (9)

“wife and six girls” (2)

“wife and seven girls” (3)

“wife and eight girls” (0)

Here’s another for “when I was x” inspired by Frank Sinatra:

“when I was seventeen” (13,700)

“when I was twenty-one” (3,450)

“when I was thirty-five” (703)