Internet Marketing Is The Place To Be

Hello there Internet Marketer! Do you find that you get kidded about your passion for all things online? Do the other marketers in the office call you “cyber-this” and “e-that” followed by a condescending sniff? If so, take heart, those complacent know-it-alls NEVER get to see charts that look like this:

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Holy crap! In ten years we went from NO industry to a US$4 BILLION PER QUARTER industry! Do you feel like things are going to slow down? I feel like we’re just getting going. Please feel free to use this chart in your next presentation when you need to make a case for Internet advertising being here to stay. Hell, it’s not here to stay — it’s taking over the party! Stick it in PowerPoint and put it up on the big screen. Make the TV guys and the DMers salivate. Let’s face it — it’s time for us to quit accepting our second-class status as fair and proper. Time for a seat at the big people’s table if you don’t already have it. If your company is not seriously into making the Net the center of your company’s marketing strategy, quit. Stop wasting your time and find a company that gets it.

Originally published at on July 11, 2006.