I’m A Happy Customer

One Degree uses “CampaignMonitor” to manage its newsletter (you are a subscriber aren’t you?).

I love the product and in sending a routine support question to them I happened to gush at them a bit. My “Bloglines” “vanity feed” just found that CampaignMonitor “just added me” to their “Happy Customers/Press” blog category. And now that I’ve linked to them, they will, in turn, see that I’ve linked to them when they next check their vanity feed. “And so it goes.”

Tip: Since not everyone monitors feeds using “Technorati”, “Feedster” or “PubSub”, it’s a good idea to click on all your links after you’ve blogged them so that you’ll create at least one referrer in their web stats. That way they can find you when they check their logs. Do you have any examples of companies using blogs to capture and promote testimonials?

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on March 29, 2005.