iBegin Is Interesting

This is part of our new “Interesting” feature “we announced in April” but then lost track of. If you have an “interesting” site you think we should feature let us know.

Recently I asked Ahmed Farooq from “iBegin.com” to explain what makes his site interesting.

One Degree: Who needs you?

Anyone (in Toronto… for now) frustrated by local search.

One Degree: Why do they need you?

Simply because the current crop of local search sites (and Internet yellow pages) are rather craptastic. That’s right — I said crap.

One Degree: Why are you interesting?

We are completely self-funded, with no interest for external capital. There is no exit plan that comprises of a hopeful eye towards the usual suspects for a financially delicious buyout. We even have a philosophy that guides us. Local search with a mix of zen.

One Degree: How do you make money?

We do not right now. We are on target to become self-sufficient by 2007.

One Degree: What is your mission?

To do local search right. No need to jump around, looking for pictures, reviews, information. All in one place, backed by high-quality results.

One Degree: Who are you?

I’m not sure about that myself. Still on the path of self-discovery, so once I know, I will let you know 🙂 Strictly facts, we are a web development firm that owns a variety of websites. And we are firmly in the black.

One Degree: Where are you?

We are located in Toronto, feverishly working.

Originally published at www.onedegree.ca on July 18, 2006.