Examples of Beyond The Banner Ads

I have to go buy some Lifesavers.

As you can see from this MediaPost article Lifesavers has come up with a GOOD way to go “beyond the banner.”

Essentially what they’ve done is pay About.com to change their logo so that the “o” in About is replaced by a Lifesaver, like this:

Clicking the logo launches a large graphic pop-up for a Lifesavers contest.

This to me is inventive and consumer friendly as it adds a little serenpidity to surfing but doesn’t really interfere with the task at hand the way pop-ups/unders do.

Of course the idea is not a new one. We’ve seen Yahoo and Excite do this type of stuff back in 1996 with “101 Dalmatians” spots on the background of the home page. More recently MarketWatch has been selling “wallpaper” as an ad space (the jury is out on that).