How I Reward Lead Generators

Lately I’ve been getting amazing word of mouth leads from friends, associates, and clients. Since my business largely depends on these recommendations, I’ve always been generous in thanking those who’ve sent business my way.

Of course rewarding your lead generators makes sense, but the question is, how.

In the past I’ve always found an interesting art house coffee-table book and sent that as a thank you. But recently the leads have been for some big deals and I’ve decide to up the gifts I’m sending as well.

I’m now giving my best lead generators an iPod Mini in their choice of colour.

Why be this generous? Three reasons:

1. They deserve it. People have to go out of their way to think of me and if the deal closes, they should get something in recognition. And cash is a bit too crass for me.

2. They will be more inclined to send me business in the future — maybe even bigger business. I’m sure recent gift getters are already imagining what they might get if they get me a REALLY big lead.

3. They’ll “sneeze”. Seth Godin introduced the idea of “sneezers” in Idea Virus and this is my primary goal — getting these sneezers to sneeze more. Can anyone get an iPod Mini and not show it off to friends? Won’t they all ask “where did you get that”? And won’t the engraving on the back of the iPod with their name, my thanks, and my web address be another reason to talk to friends about me and what I did for them?

My guess is, this will be the best investment I’ve ever made.