Here vs. There

I’ve been blogging for a long time (well a long time for a new communication tool, not long time as in “the long now” long). My first “hello world post” was on July 4th, 2001.

Between then and last year about now I blogged on a semi-regular basis and managed to get about 430 posts online during that time.

Then I started One Degree and for all intents and purposes stopped my personal blog. Slowly the old was falling apart as more of my attention went to One Degree. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I ripped the site down and replaced it with some minimalistic pages about me and what I do. But because my blog still used Blogger software for the back end it was just too much to contemplate a total overhaul given my infrequent posting.

Now that I’ve joined Tucows I really want to move away from being a business site towards being my personal site.

So, here’s how I’m hoping it will work out:

  • Here — Stuff about me, personal observations, asides, family and life stuff, capturing ideas, working through problems in public, etc.
  • There — One Degree is a group effort focussed entirely on Internet marketing, particularly in Canada, so most of my writing on that topic will be done over there.

My guess is I’ll also be running a Tucows blog of some sort — I can’t imagine I wouldn’t — but you’ll have to wait to find out more about that.

Any thoughts on the mix of “official” and “personal” blogging?