Here is the brief article Chris Daniels wrote for Marketing Magazine wrote about my resignation from AIMS:

“Schafer Resigns As AIMS President”

March 5, 2003

After just a year as the first paid president of the Association of Internet Marketing & Sales (AIMS) Ken Schafer has stepped down from the organization he helped create.

Schafer says he wants to return to his roots of “creating great online ventures,” such as he did when he started his career spearheading the first online initiative for Sony Music Canada. He has no immediate plans, but says he will consider his options over the next several weeks.

Schafer was made the organization’s first paid employee about a year ago. His move to a paid position from a volunteer one was part of a larger initiative to move the non-profit organization to a paid membership model, which was implemented this past September. Schafer co-founded AIMS-which now boasts over 4,500 members across the country-in 1996.

AIMS will continue to be operated by its five-person board of directors. A new president is expected to be hired in the coming months.

Thanks to Chris and Marketing for allowing me to reprint this.