Help Me Make The Net Ad Case

Okay now that I’ve got my “online rules” rant off my chest I’m getting serious about putting together some compelling visuals for all our presentations.

I’d like to add a few things to “the chart” and maybe do a Canadian version as well. I could use a bit of help with this. If you have any of the following, maybe you can send me a copy, or a link, or just add the data in the comments below):

  • If you quarterly IAB Canada stats I’ll do a Canuck version.
  • If anyone can source quarterly revenue from other marketing channels (in the US), I’ll be happy to create a new version of the chart so we can compare our growth to their stagnancy.
  • I’d love to get some old Forrester and Jupiter projections. I’d be very interested in seeing their online ad predictions from the 20th century to see how they did. My guess is that their wildly optimistic guesses are coming true.

Send me what you got, make suggestions for other stuff we need and I’ll do my best to pull it together in a consistent format.

Originally published at on July 12, 2006.