I just posted this to Eric Petersen’s wonderful Web Metrics Discussion Group:

Subject: HBX V2

I’m delurking to point the list to the log-in for HBX which has this notice

(that I noticed for the first time today):

WebSideStory will soon release the latest version of its flagship service, HBX. Version 2 of HBX has been designed based on direct customer feedback.


– ‘Tagless’ Campaigns: Create and manage campaigns directly from the user interface, with no change in your page tags. You can define campaign response, leads and conversions from the user interface, simplifying your campaign measurement activities.

– Conversion Rules: The conversion events introduced in HBX have been improved to include advanced rules such as conditional conversions and more.

– Conversion Groups: Group any number of conversion rules and get conversion-specific reports in HBX.


Active Segmentation: Use this add-on module to create advanced filters on your visitor sessions. Examples of filters may include any combination of geographical, purchase or site behavior parameters. Active Segmentation lets you create advanced segments directly from the user interface, with no changes in your HBX page tags.

HBX v2 and Active Segmentation were developed to provide you greater control in improving your online business initiatives. We’ll keep you updated on the release schedule.

Is this the beginning of a new round of feature wars as we move into the fall? How do these new features fit into the picture presented by the NC article Eric recently linked to? Will HBX move into the lead or does Omniture have or plan to have similar features soon?