Google, The Portal

Well, we all knew this was going to have to happen someday. Google has been adding personalized services and portal-like features for a while now and it looks like they are revealing a new (optional) home page. You can make “your Google Homepage here”. Coverage will on this will be extensive. To see what people are saying right now, use “this technorati search”.

Here are some of the first stories:

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What we’re seeing right now is a very primitive first step on the road to integrating all the disparate Google tools and to aggregating feeds and services from other sources. I particularly like now standard Google “ajax” implementation that allows you to drag and drop the page elements to customize it just right.

So what’s the early verdict? Do we think this is a smart move right now? Will Google follow the path of other portals like Lycos and Excite or will this be a new approach?

Originally published at on May 20, 2005.