Global Rich List

I just discovered the Global Rich List via Wired. I love the concept and the site, but I did feel compelled to send them this constructive criticism:

Hi there,

I love the site and the message behind it. Well done!

Three small suggestions:

1. The site design is fantastic, but the background image of stacks of money is visually very distracting. It made my eyes “buzz” all over the place. It also makes it look at first glance like it will be an anti-money screed (looking like old socialist “money bags” imagery). I’d suggest removing the image and going with a white background or a light shade of grey.

2. The graph of global income doesn’t seem to make sense. The axis labeled “billion people” seems to imply that six billion people’s income is right off the chart it is so high. I know that’s not what you meant, but that chart says that.

3. The “spread the word” banner seems to have the message backwards. Promoting “I’m the richest” doesn’t seem to be what you want to have people talking about, rather you want them to think about the fact that “There are 5,280,616,966 people poorer than me”.

Good luck with the project! I’d add links to CARE in the US and Canada to really boost giving!