First Spotting of “ALT Tag Ads”

I just saw a new ad format that I haven’t come across before. I’m not sure if there is a technical name for this, but here’s what happens and how to experience it.

1. Go to Designtechnica Reviews Sony VAIO TR1A Review. Scoll down to the body of the review.

2. Wait about 20 seconds. See those double-underlined links? They’re ads:

3. Hoovering over the link shows an “ALT Tag Ad” (I guess), and clicking takes you to the advertised site.

While I guess I’d give this technique points for being in context, I’d have to deduct those very same points for deviousness as I’m not sure that users would expect ads in the middle of a review for a different product. Maybe the site has a clear description of their editorial policy and an explaination of these links, but I didn’t see it.

Has anyone seen this before? Is it a formal ad product provided by a third party? What are they called?