Dave blogged about CNN not understanding what a blog was and offered this image as proof.

Dave’s confusion about CNN’s intent here is understandable and illustrates a problem with tabbed interfaces.

The image is from the Election Special page in its default view. The widget Dave was looking at in fact offers two options — send CNN an e-mail or find out more about CNN’s Convention Blog.

The “Blog” and “E-mail Us” at the top of this widget are supposed to be tabs, and E-mail Us is the default setting. If you click on “Blog” it will offer up this:

This is very confusing because the tabs don’t look like tabs. In the default view the word “blog” looks like a label and “e-mail us” looks like part of the widget’s copy. Making matters worse, the default position is to the second tab instead of the first.

Hopefully now that Dave’s flagged the problem CNN can take some time to fix this so that people can actually find the convention blog when it launches July 26th.

If someone from CNN wants to contact me I’ll be happy to give them a free copy of my Web Best Practices report that covers this among other things.

(Note: It seems that Dave’s taken down the post as I can’t find it on his site even though it showed up in his feed)