Canadian Marketers Who Blog

Recently I asked the AIMS Discussion List what blogs by Canadian online marketers they read. Here’s the list they came up with in the order they arrived in my inbox:

  • “Mitch Joel”
  • “m u s i n g s”
  • “IM @ XIST”
  • “”
  • “For the Love of Words”
  • “davemadethis”
  • “zarinblog”
  • “BPWrap: A Different Point Of View”
  • “The Other Bloke’s Blog” (Also Barry Welford but more of a Montreal focus)

What’s with the weird dotcommie names for many of these blogs? Are we kickin’ it old school? Is it even possible to be nostalgic for six years ago? What blogs would you add to the list? What non-blog sites do you use to stay on top of online marketing in Canada (other than One Degree of course)?

Originally published at on February 21, 2005.