A Young Person’s Guide To Punk Rock — The Ramones

Of all the classic punk songs, I think “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones is probably the most recognized song these days.


This footage was taken at CBGBs — the New York City dive where many of the NY punks got started.

I never got to see the Ramones at CBGBs but I was lucky enough to see them very early on at one of Toronto’s most famous dive bars — the El Mocambo.

The show was absolutely packed but we where there early enough to get a spot directly in front of the stage. So close we could see Joey’s face despite his eternal mop-top and downward glare.

Johnny dropped a pick at one point and I snapped it up. I’ve still got it in a box in the basement. Johnny knew a thing or two about posterity and was nice enough to have “RAMONES” inscribed on all his picks making for instant memorabilia.