June 29, 2007

June 28, 2007

  • Thought

    I learn something every day. Photobooth can “Auto Flip New Photos” which stops your pics from looking like they were taken in a mirror.

June 27, 2007

  • Thought

    Steve Rubel adds me as a Twitter friend. I’m paralysed. Will my tweets meet the signal-to-noise test or aide and abet his Attention Crash?

June 24, 2007

  • Thought

    Taking it personally that Tumblr won’t show my Flickr feed. Maybe if my name was Schafr they’d like me more.

June 23, 2007

  • Thought

    Cleaning email from the inbox, bills from the mailbox and a dead bird from the pool. Nasty business in all cases.

June 13, 2007

June 12, 2007

June 11, 2007

June 9, 2007

  • Thought

    Shopping for mobile phones for the girls. Pretty much the end of the world as we know it.

June 8, 2007

June 7, 2007