October 1, 2003

  • Thought

    Good Experience: Four Words to Improve User Research:

    “But most websites are a strategic representation of the business. How can you presume to know how customers relate to the business, unless you ask them first? If your test moderator has a healthy case of ESP, or can bend spoons without touching them, by all means, define the tasks beforehand. Otherwise, try the listening lab method.”

  • Thought

    More on dugg.ca via the Globe And Mail: Chatbot talks way into marketing arsenal:

    “To produce dugg.ca, the Marketing Store worked in conjunction with Oddcast Media Technologies, a New York firm that produces computer-simulated voices and avatars.

    McDonald’s reports that since the television spot debuted on Sept. 4, dugg.ca has attracted more than 85,000 unique visitors. Of that number, 11,000 have filled out the contest entry form. Mr. Sweetman is unimpressed by the numbers.”

    “Mr Sweetman” would be Bill Sweetman of Kalixo.

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    Lockergnome’s RSS Resource: How do you track your feeds?:

    “The question remains in my mind as to what is truly the easiest method to track RSS feeds. I have tried a few ideas with mixed results. I am interested in hearing how you folks track your feed readership.”